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Your Courageous Monment As A Sales

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I often said that following up with customers is like falling in love, pay attention, I mean the process, not truly falling in love with customers. As a salesman, no matter man or lady, we should be active to customers. In the whole process, we should never get confused by the question like whether I should call my customer today or whether I should contact him as he had been lost contact for two days. We shouldn't be flinch. Today, I want to recall the cheeky moment for sales people.1.Thick-skinned 1: looking for customers
We often find that hard to find the key person. Are you shy when the first time you call customer's receptionist? How about now? Can you speak to the receptionist confidently like: "hello, this is from XXX company, specializing in XXX. I have something urgent looking for your purchasing manager, as he didn't reply my mail, can you please help turn past?"With luck, you will reach the key person directly while if not, the receptionist will keep asking:“Which one are you looking for?” You will be better if you know the manager's name but if not, and you are caught by the receptionist, what will you do? Hang up immediately? Don't be afraid, you can say: "OH! Originally he has replied me, I'm sorry"or "Sorry I have dialed the wrong number.” it is what sales people should do, trying hard again and again for what you want to get. 
2.Thick-skinned 2: making an appointment with customers
Sales: hello!Mr. KUMAR, we have a very hot-sell products for your market. Will you in the office today? I want to show you and I think you'll like it.
Customer: NO, the model I am selling now is also good, without any complaints. Why shall I change? 
Sales: You can increase your competitiveness and sales by adding a product.
Customer: Last time we have spent a lot on the model we sell. So I am not going to take another one. 
Sales: XXX brand also bought this model. Do you want to have a look first? 
Client: We have different customer group. So I won't refer to them.
Sales: Our manager said the price is very favorable. Shall I have a talk with you together with my manager?
Customer: Ok, Come here this afternoon.
(Can you see the persistence of the sales? Try repeatedly, until you get the opportunity of meeting the customer. )
3.Thick-skinned 3: bargaining with customers
Customer: HI!I finally see you!Do you know all my suppliers are lowering the price for me?But your price has been high, how to continue our cooperation?
Sales: DEAR, we are always insist on our quality and never cut corners. We are now exploring the market, the profit is very low. You can compare our product with other with the same quality, our price is more favorable.
Customer: Have you seen the interest rates today? The exchange rate rose 8% which means our pressure is greater. If you don't even lower the price of 8%, how can I sell my products out without profit?
Sales: I know that the interest rate these days are higher, but I hope you know that the raw material is also increasing which is far more higher than 8%. Because we are long-term cooperation partners, so our boss keeps the original price for you. DEAR, we want to keep a good relationship with you.
Customer: Now that other vendors are giving me discount, if you don't lower the price, I won't give ORDER.
Sales: Other suppliers will give you a low price to attract you and the first shipment will give you a good product.But many customers complain that they are cheater by Chinese suppliers as the goods received from the second time is rubbish. Do you really need to take this risk? We have cooperated for such a long time and quality maintains the same as quality is the top one that we value of. I hope that you could confirm the order soon as now our boss can keep the same price and I make sure that we can arrange the shipment at the end of this month to catch the Christmas for you. Isn't it better? 
Customer: Can you guarantee delivery at the end of this month?
Sales: Yes. Our boss really make an exception for you this time to support each other. You also know that now our order schedule has been full up till next year after the Chinese New Year.
Customer: Ok.I confirm the ORDER.
Do you feel familiar with the above cases? Do they tell your hardship of being a sales? I want to let you know from my sharing that there are still people who understand you. Let's fight together!

- END -

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