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How to select the Keywords on the B2B Website

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Keyword is not limited to a single word, it should also include the phrases and expressions.As we know, in search of information were retrieved by entering the keywords. therefore, as its name suggests, the keywords is crucial for the whole web site. it is the most fundamental, is the most important step, we have optimized web page, so how to emphasize its importance cannot be overstressed. However, the keywords's not easy and that b2b to consider many factors, such as keywords to your site content, between the combinations of words, is how search tools and b2b system to avoid the use of popular keywords, etc, etc, etc. why choose the right key is a need to work.
So how can we find the most suitable for your keywords carefully? first, to ponder your potential customers to worry them with you in the query information about the most likely to use your keywords, and all of these words down. Don't worry which will be too many keywords, you find the key words, the more coverage of users, the more and more likely to make the best of the key words.
We often heard such cases:a company's web site in the search engine on the first 20, then built up to 10 times. and another company in the same in the past 20 and may be built and was not change. what led to so big a difference? Reason is simple; just before a company to choose the correct key words, the latter in this respect is committed a fatal mistake. this case shows that the right to choose your keywords to the web marketing success or failure is very important.
Select the relative keywords
For a firm selected your keywords, of course, must with the product or service concerned. don't listen to the nearby of keywords to attract more hits propaganda, do not only immoral but meaningless. "monica lewinsky imagine a look", will you be interested in the production of soy sauce? of course not. Must admit that sometimes it could really improve the hits a web site, but if you aim is to sell your product is provided free of charge through the grapevine, by this cheating more hits have to use again?Select the detail keywords
We choose your keywords in another point that should be noted that is to avoid with broad implications of the general term as the title to key words, but according to your business or a product of the select specific as possible. as a sales of a corporation, "the carpenter tools" is not the right key. "chain saws" it may be a wise choice. Some people may ask, as the "noun" is a collection of tools, carpenter, all the products covered by the manufacturer, why not? we may get into the google carpenter tools again, you will find that the search result in more than 6 digits (of the actual figures, 000), of your competitors have a nearly 200, 000. in so many competitors in the win was almost "impossible mission".On the contrary, "the chain saws" the search results are sparing (69, 800), you have a better chance in front of the competitors.Select the longer keywords
With the information as possible to use the word form to the contrary, in the web site, we'd better use the word in the form, as the games, "try not to choose the" game ". the search for more than a word or word form of a query, select games" "i can assure you of the page in the games," and "game" searches, can be retrieved.Remember the wrong keywords which usually used by most of the clients
A lot about how to choose your keywords articles of special mention of spelling mistakes in word as "contemorary modern coffee tables," warned us not forget to be incorporated into the keyword choice. His theory is used by users, some words are misspelled, considering the general public will not to wrong keywords your goals so clever of the key words, if you find the key to spell the word wrong and optimize your web pages, so once again meet users to search the wrong keywords, you will be high, proudly stands in the forefront of the search results!
Fact that it really? first we have to look at the above examples are wrong. " actually "contemporary contemorary", for one letter short, but they are far from the key point. that is according to statistics, reporting and monitoring the keyword "contemorary" in two months in the number of 66 times! So we should use it on the keyword list? wait a minute. let's analyze who often writes wrong keywords. a good education regular business? not likely. "contemporary" is not difficult of latin borrowing it. it seems as if some careless husband or suspected of having a thrifty housewife. by heart, they'll be your precious clients, but is unlikely to be your best business partner.
In turn, if a potential customers by his hand into the misspelled word, was amazed to find your website appeared in front, and the wrong keywords marked by many in bold print display, he will do in reply? he is like gold was found at the same or to the enterprise has the makings of a question? he'll think that one basic grammar got all the manufacturers, their strength is really doubtful. Therefore, the wrong key words are spelled with a trap, we must think twice.
Furthermore, a search engine (as google) more automatic spelling checking, when a user input wrong keywords, the system automatically provide the correct word. when users to realize his error, most are tending to lead the correct key words search. thus the current stage to spell words on the wrong has been basically lost its meaning.
The technique of the keywords searching
As website owners, of course, you are most understanding of their own businesses of the people, so you can always find the most able to reflect its operation of the key words. but relying on our own efforts were likely to be some out now you may come to the search engines find competition site, and see if they are using those keywords, you may get some enlightenment.In addition, some key words to the analysis software can be quickly from you or your competitor's web page of the right key words, make your work efficiency exponentially, we can use the software find many had to consider the keyword, which significantly expand our keyword list.
Stop Words/Filter Words
In the sense as a very common that retrieves a value without any word, such as "a", "the", "and" and "of" and "web page" and "home" and so on. search engines to these words, will usually filters the. for this to save space and should try to avoid using such a word, especially in the number of words is restricted. (To these rules, you can try to stay in the search engines "the night" query results. you'll find the word "the" in the search condition match, but not in bold print display, shows that it is ignored.)Repeat 1000 times for the keywords
Since the key words in the frequency is decided to site the most important factor here, why don't we will repeat a thousand times, it is not that simple and effective? hold. i never dreamt that this is the search engines "stone age", was really good, but now were rejected by the search engines. Was a typical approach is: "keywords, keyword, keyword on the...". repeat the more web sites to set the front. thus the search engine into a never-ending series of keyword repeated. you repeated 5 times. i have to 600 times, the keywords repeat a thousand times. Search soon realized the magnitude of the occasion was finally stood up, and warned the thing too, if you continue, not only did not succeed, it is possible to is - always to your website away!So don't to repeat a keyword, not in line for use with a keyword two more times. the key words, try to be natural, with the basic rules of grammar.

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