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The bright future of trading

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In 15th July, the Commerce Department held a pre-match press conference to announce the operating situation of domestic market and the status of foreign trade during the first half year. These situations and status have turn out to be 5 major characteristics. During the first half year, the customer market overall run very smoothly.
The head of the Commerce Department said that the growth rate of foreign trade export and import will go up obviously during the next half year. The annual trend of growth rate will turn to be lower at first and higher later. If it is not to say the excessive parameter factors caused by the abnormal increase in early last year, the goal of foreign trade growth of about 7.5% a whole year can be realized through hard-work.
According to customs statistic, during the first half year of 2014, the gross income of national import and export is 12400 billion RMB, fell by 0.9% compared with last year. The gross of export is 6500 billion RMB which falls by 1.2% compared with last year. The gross of import is 5900 billion RMB which falls by 0.6% compared with last year. The favorable balance is 630.61 billion RMB which falls by 6.5% compared with last year. In June, the foreign export and import of our country are mainly in the following features:
1. Exports and imports are positive.
For dollars, in June the gross of our country's export and import was 342.01 billion dollars which rose by 6.4% with 186.79 billion dollars for export which rose by 7.2%, and 155.22 billion dollars for import which rose by 5.5%. Thetrade surplus was 31.56 billion dollars which rose by 15.8%.
2. The effect caused by high base number is declining so that the growth of export and import gets further expended.
During the first four months of this year, the export and import was influenced by the high base number factors. And during February and March, the export and import were in negative growth, respectively falling by 0.9% and 15.8%.
3. The trade with developed market keeps growing while the trade with Hong Kong restores to grow.
In June, the trade with European Union, America and Japan respectively increased by 13.4%, 4.8%, and 3.2% which were higher than the growth rate of national foreign trade by 12.2 %,  3.6 % and 2 %. And the growth rates of the trade with European Union and America were almost equal to that in the former five months. The growth rate of the trade with Japan rose by 2.8%. The trade with Hong Kong increased by 5.8% which was a restored growth after the 5-month successive decline. The trades with emerging economics met downs and ups. And among them, the trade with ASEAN, India and South Africa respectively enhanced by 10.9%, 9.6% and 5.8%, while 2.3% and 3.3% increase was respectively for the trades with Russell and Brazil.
4. The exports and imports of electro-mechanical and high-tech products in small volume.
In the speed up June, the exports and imports of electro-mechanical and high-tech products are respectively 102.52 billion dollars with 5.1% increase and 50.67 billion dollars with 3.3% increase. The export of the seven top labor intensive products grew up to 41.05 billion dollars, increasing by 5.7%.
5. The growth rate of export and import of common foreign trade has been speeded up while the import of processing trade got a return to growth.
In June, the export and import of general trade was 187.29 billion Dollars with 5.7% increase and 3.6% increase compared with that in May. Getting 5.8% increase, the total amount of import and export of processing trade was 108.68 billion dollars with 67.87 billion dollars for export, up by 1% and the import reached 40.81 billion dollars which was 15.3% increase from -1.2% in May.
During the first half year, the mainland of our country has made great investment in seven main economic entities including Hong Kong, East Union, Europe Union, Australia, America, Russia and Japan, reaching up to 28.82 billion dollars, accounting for 66.5% of total amount of China foreign investment during the same period. Our country's foreign trade still holds lots of favorable terms and new advantages for its development. The followings are the three main competitive conditions.
1. China still holds comprehensively competitive advantage.
Generally, China's industries is structurally complementary with the developed countries as well as the developing countries which is a very important comprehensive competitiveness, such as sophisticated infrastructure, perfect associated industries, high quality manpower and so on.
2. China has produced a number of internationally competitive industries and enterprises.
Large complete sets of equipment in China such as communications, electricity and rail traffic has its own intellectual property and it has obvious advantages in technology and price and other aspacts.
Take Huawei company as an example. It has become the world's largest telecommunications equipment supplier with its own independent intellectual property rights technology.The competitiveness of China's private enterprises have also increased, with average annual growth rate of 18.4% higher than the foreign trade export after entering the WTO. They have become the most vibrant and export potential markets of China's foreign trade.
3. Security factor: Chinese government attaches great importance to the work of foreign trade.
In recent years, the State Council continuously issued the policies and measures to promote the foreign tradegrowth and adjust the structure so as to create a better policy environment and development condition for the enterprises. In May 4th this year, the general office of the State Council issued the "opinions" to support the steady growth of foreign trade. The "opinion" is based on the current to the stable growth of foreign trade and focuses on the long-term foreign trade structure optimization. It will be conducive to create new advantages for China's foreign trade competition.

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