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Seize Your Customers

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Just as falling in love with someone, when customers open your personal page, it's like to open the veil of other half. And if your "face" is without any attraction, how can customers keep relationship with you? So struggling to "seduce" your clients, it only needs six steps.1.Content is a determining factor, so content is king!First, the structural layout should be clear and content should be more oriented. Nowaday most network propaganda attracts flow rate by search engine, and when you search for key words of products, you will enter the inter page of products but not the home page,the determining factor is the disposal of inner page of product. Actually, the inner page of product is the disposal of pictures and descriptions, PS has been a basic skill for foreign trade workers and handling some simple pictures should be faster and without any interference.2.The selection of key words should combine attraction of flow and precision.Key words cover an area of size, including several layers. For example, A is our accurate key word, B includes A, C includes B, according to the relationship between dimensions, so B and A have the direct relationship, C and A have the indirect relationship. Therefore, we can use the direct relationship of some accurate words to attraction clients. Because to some extent the rate of flow is a standard to judge the popularity of a website, and it's also a standard to evaluate a website of Google. The key word is to attract the flow!3.Set up statistical system of the third partyYou can use this system to analyze the source of your website flow and make you clearly know which flow is useful and which is non-useful, which channel you can get more flow, and which channel can be more potential, this is a method to check propagandist effect and also offers a reference for later arrangement.4.Mix company's purpose, service, advantages and culture together with the inner page of productsInner page is a determining factor. Put the persuasive and attractive things into inner page,but not put your advantages behind products when customers browse your web! So as for product's production, it will be more persuasive.5.As far as possible to show your advantages unless top secrets, but not waiting for clients' inquiriesThis is the"eyeball economy" times, if your promotion cannot find any highlight or overshadowed by your competitors, are there any customers asking you for inquiry? Do you have any chance to show your advantages?6.Functionality is the eternal theme, difference is always an effective weaponShowing products need to show its character, actually character is the functionality while customers buy it for its value. So what's the value? It's the functionality.Difference tends to be accumulated by previous experiences. Different customers have different special demands and it is us that make these demands come true.To some extent, it not only shows our strength, but also the performance of the differences.

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