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Make Your Trade Websites Attractive

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Maintaining product's website is like taking care of own baby for many international traders. In order to maintain a healthy website, you need to be patient and avoid entering mistakes. So let us see what we can do. 
1.CollectionSometimes we collect information on the Internet when we couldn't write down our own ideas, but some people only copy. Google has very strict criteria for their collection, so those websites, which are without any original ideas and only copy articles from outside webs are unacceptable.    
2.Repeated keywordIn order to optimize collection system, some SEOers put all keywords to connection websites. However, this is a misunderstanding because according to searching engine ranking mechanism, using multiple keywords is considered as cheating, especially in new members, also it won't improve any user's experience. So Google pays less attention to title.     
3.Choosing wrong keywordsIt is a waste of time when you are choosing a wrong keyword that has less concern and competition,even you make it perfect. Ranking second or third still has acceptable attention and clink rate when u get enough attention. But mostly, foreigners are interested in the first link on searching engine, so ranking first has much more click rate than others.  
4.Changing tittle frequentlyFriendly degree is affected when changing tittle frequently. How to locate title also determineS your ability and limit. Consider searching engine as your customer, and your website as storefront, no one likes a store which changes its name frequently.
5.Long and disorder web codeSearching engine "robots" prefers simple web code page when searching pages. So most international trading websites use DIV+CSS form because disorder and complex page codes are hard to load, sometimes leading to disconnect and finally effect friendly degree of searching engine. 
6.Don't be title attractorMany SEOers traces popular hot news, making many attractive titles to let people clink in their webs. But actually it makes people feel being cheated, fooling people cannot bring any benefit.
7.flash Use pictures and flashAs searching engine "robots" cannot catch any details, pictures and flashes are very attractive and visual for users. People like to know products directly and clearly. 
8.Using useless linkSEOers think more outside links can bring more PR and put up position ranking of web, but in fact searching engine doesn’t agree. Quality is much more important than quantity.
9.Patience, patience, patienceMore than 60% users use SEO to search products instead of B2B broad from third party. Third-party boards are popular in China but not outside China. So we need to transpositonal consideration and compare different point of views to make our website better!

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