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Ebola Virus Reduces Import of Bauxite

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Recently, there have been confirmed cases and suspected cases of the Ebola virus found in Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Nigeria and other West African countries. The Ebola virus is a kind of highly infectious virus that will cause Ebola hemorrhagic fever to people and quadrumana. Since it was found in Ebola river region of the south of Sudan and Zaire (now Democratic Republic of Congo), it had drawn the wide attention and concern of the medical community, and this was how the Ebola virus got its name.
It is reported by the WHO on the fourth that by August 1, the cases of the Ebola virus reported in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria had accumulated to 1603 and 887 of them were fatalities and that China has released relevant measures to prevent the introduction of the Ebola virus. WHO has decided to upgrade the emergency reaction level of the Ebola epidemic in West Africa to the third level, the highest level. 
According to the reports of the media, the incubation period of the Ebola virus is just 5-10 days, and its death rate is as high as 90%. We can do nothing about it yet. So far there is no cure or vaccine for this virus.
Experts of the MSF pointed out on July 30 that if the trend could not be reversed promptly, the epidemic would possibly spread to other countries and that the outbreak of this epidemic was the most furious one since 1970s.
I have learnt from 21th CENTURY BUSINESS HERALD that the small countries, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, cannot cope with the Ebola epidemic by themselves and they need the aid from the world. At present the WTO is assisting the governments that stricken by the epidemic, but they are now in urgent need of the help from developed countries and donor agencies. 
The Ebola virus has influenced the flow of people and capital and it would probably give rise to a financial crisis in the three countries of West Africa. Besides, the issue of public health in developing countries is usually tangled with other issues and they become the obstacles in the countries' development.
According to the report of Gulf News on August 3, the Emirates Airlines has stopped the flights bound for Conakry, the capital of Guinea, and the Arab Airlines offers no flights bound for the countries stricken by the Ebola virus in West Africa. The air ports and airline companies of United Arab Emirates are watching closely and showing great concern about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa.
It is reported that so far some of African airline companies like Ethiopian Airlines and Nigerian Arik Air have taken measures in advance to cancel or stop the flights bound for or from the countries hit by the epidemic. And the African countries have strengthened supervision in the ports to prevent the introduction of the epidemic.
Besides, I have learnt from people.com that the Korean government has released the response program to prevent against the introduction of the Ebola virus on the 4th, and its quarantine office is strict about the checking in of tourists from West Africa by heat-sensing cameras.
What is noteworthy is that from the report of YICAI.com I know that on January 12 this year the Indonesian ban of the export of raw ore came into effect and the mining companies in Indonesia must smelt or refine the mineral products before export.
Before the epidemic that broke out in West Africa is under control, China's import of bauxite from Africa will decrease greatly. And because of the Ebola virus, in the short term, many projects were forced to delay. But in the long term the relevant companies won't be affected a lot because these projects are long-term businesses.
China as a country that is closely related to Africa should make great efforts in preventing against the introduction of the Ebola virus. There are many Chinese assistants, businessmen, tourists and labors all over Africa, and despite the relatively small number of them in West Africa and the "rather low" possibility of the spread of the virus, China, a country with a large population, must take precautions in advance and remind its people to pay attention to the epidemic, and issue warning when necessary.
In addition, given the wide distribution of the epidemic, I want to remind the corporations that cooperate with the epidemic-stricken regions to pay close attention to the market and prevent from accidents when doing business with them.

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