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Tips for calling the foreigner

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It is very necessary to learn the relevant knowledge of foreign languages ?in the course of foreign trade. Because you will inevitably use English while communicating with them for example by holding a meeting or a phone call. Nowadays,many of the international mainstream trade platform are developed by the United States and Europe such as eBay, the main buyers are from the U.S. and Europe. If you are able to use the foreign language fluently, your sales process will be more efficient and the results will be more apparent.
Belows are some tips that if we have to call the foreigner while our English is not so good.
1. Write down what you need to say and your idea first such as marking point 1,2,3. ( Phone is an interactive way to communicate, if the topic is blocked, you can get back to the topic rapidly.)
2. Write down the name that you are calling for in case that you cannot find out the right person because of your wrong pronunciation. ( Some foreign companies are very formal which have reception and many departments )
3. Greeting first and tell him your name and country and company when you find his. Customer is likely not to suddenly remember you so you need to make your name outstanding in the usual e-mail or communication. After he confirmed that he knows who you are, you tell your thing according to your written notes,slowly and clearly. And wait for his reply. Use colloquial English during the communication because many of them are still not good at English.
4. Send an email to remind him what you have talking about right after he said he knew or did not know. Actually, it is better to send email before you call your customer so that you can ask him whether he has received your email by phone and it will be easier for him to understand what you are talking about. If the email is sent after the phone call, you can say that you will send an email to him 5 minutes later and ask him to reply your email.
5 Finally, express your thanks politely.

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