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Analysis of Australian Market

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Australia has reached an agreement of currency exchange directly with Chinese, which will enable more convenient for enterprises in Australia and China. In the long term, it is also good for the seller whose target market is Australia.
China is the largest trading partner of Australia and many sellers choose to sell in Australia. Therefore, to learn more information about Australia will make the trade business in the Australia become more smoothly.
The unique nature of cultural identity
Some people say that the character of Australians is like Americans, straightforward, cheerful, talktive, accessible; While other may say they like Englishman, rigorous, women conservative. But they often proudly call themselves Australians, which has proved that Australians has their unique character.
Kind and friendly
People's first feeling of Australians are kind and friendly, care for the young and helpful. For example, when crossing the road and taking the bus, the elderly and children can always receive special care; inquiring of the road will get detailed advice.
Polite and restrained
Australia advocates etiquette. Everyone is courteous and used to whisper when they talk with little noisy, otherwise it will be considered as no- training performance.
Australians think highly of equality. They think that people should be mutual respect without discrimination. Usually, people like communication with each other and are happy to have conversation with strangers, and often smiling, giving a warm and friendly feeling.
Advocating freedom
They advocate freedom. Even the Americans who has always been known for its high degree of freedom also believe that Australia is the most comfortable country the live when they are abroad.
Lady first
Australia prevailed "Lady first" as good social courtesy. Ladies are well respected by others. They especially like to praise lady’s looks, talent, gentle manners and other aspects, and that is a well-bred performance.
They have strong sense of time and have always attached great importance to the efficiency and trust of the dating. They used to be punctual for appointments. So when dating with the Australians, we must be faithful and punctual.
Strong planning
Most Australians act calmly and have strong planning to deal with things in order. Especially the Australian of British immigrants descendants, they always do things regularly, but never sloppy.
They focus on enjoying life and they like a stable life. They used to be on a vacaton in holidays. They are more emphasis on taste and quality of life.
Love sports
Australians love sport and consider it as a kind of pleasure. The most popular sports around them is swimming, boating and other water projects.
Taboos of business communication
Avoid to use the unpopular animals as the trademark pattern such as the rabbits, or your goods will be ignore.
Australians do not like the number "13" which is considered to be unlucky and will bring misfortune and disaster.
They don't like the" modesty " in polite language which is seemed to be hypocrisy, incompetence, or look down on people.
Australia's climate and festivals
Australia is the world's sixth largest country, which is located in the southern hemisphere, with exactly the opposite season of China. In Australia, December-February is summer, March-May is fall, June-August is winter and September-November is spring.
Time difference between China and Australia
Time difference between Australia and China is roughly two hours earlier than Beijing. For example, if there is 20:00 in China, it will be 22:00 in Australia.
The time difference between Beijing and the eastern part of Australia is 2 hours after the spring equinox and 3 hours after entering the autumnal equinox.
More Business Information of Australia
1. March to Novermber is the prime time for business. You can arrange some corresponding promotional activities to stimulate consumption;
2. When talking with Australian buyers, in addition to goods, you can talk more about travel and sports. If you have been to Australia, you can talk about the things you saw and heard in Australia;
3.Kangaroo is the particularly cherished animal in Australia. The goods with the kangaroo pattern is welcomed in Australia. Besides, the mimosa and lyrebird are also loved by them.
4. In business activities, if you are invited to an Australian’s house, you can bring some gifts such as chocolate, wine, and carry a bouquet of flowers to the hostess, and she will be particularly happy.

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