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20 details that you don't know in UK

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1 When the British say to you : "you alright", was not asking you all right, but saying hello to you .
2 People sneeze , you should say : "Bless You".
3 UK is a ritual country, and sometimes when two watch each other( for example, sitting in the subway facing ) in order to avoid the embarrassment, people will smile with you, and you should smile with him also to show your friendly.4 Do not take photo with a commodity or people without their permission becausemany foreigners are angry with such behavior  especially it involves the original design of some small shop. (they are very sensitive to the copyright, so they overprotect their stuff . )5 Hold the door for others while someone is behind the door. Similarly, if others help you hold the door, you should say thank you to him.
6 Girls go home at night might encounter some boys talking to them on the street, do not stop and do not be afraid, just pretend to be not understand. This situation is very common in the UK streets, what you need to do is pretend to be not understand and walk away.
7 There are many drunken tramp on the UK street holding a bottle of beer, swinging on the street. When you saw them, walk away from them.
8 The thief in British( especially in London )  is much more and more fierce than those in China.9 Some supermarkets in UK offer Cash Back service which means that you can take cash in the cash register .10.High Street and Commercial Road is a gathering place for the store. It is the commercial street.11 If you do not hold a British visa, you will have no exempt countries in Europe. But if your direct flights is Hong Kong, you can stay in Hong Kong for a week.But if the first flight is China mainland, and you want to go to Hong Kong, you will need to apply for exit permits.
12 There are a lot of Chinese students in British elite universities.
13 The food in school cafeteria is cheap, but does not taste good. The British only take a sandwich at noon with a packet of crisps and a bottle of Coke.14 After 7 days of arrival in the UK, you should go to the local police station for registration. And go to change the address after every move and every change of the School card number. Otherwise you will be warned or be fined severely .
15.A National Insurance Number is needed when you apply for a job.16. You should ask for a rental contract as the Proof of Address after you rent a dormitory so as to prove your UK address. It is the preparation for the police registration and openning a bank account.
17 Apart from the student dormitories, students renting outside need to pay their own rent housing tax, called the Council Tax. Students are free for this tax if they can get the Student Letter,opened by the school (to be effective within three months),and sent to the district government to prove your student identity, or this tax will not be reported free automatically.18. Watching TV in the UK is required to apply for a TV license which is called the TV License, or it is illegal to watch TV.
19. It is difficult to sign the mobile phone contract if you arrive in Britain within three months. You must have a bank account. Besides,because of your credibility is not high in the UK, they will ask you to pay a deposit. Before signing the contract, the mobile phone supplier will set a system to investigate your reputation and if someone living the same address with you before has the arrears, your credibility surveys also could not pass. This will be unfair, so we should finish the payment on time after signing the phone contract.20 To see a doctor in the UK, you need to go to the local clinic and make the GP registration, with your Proof of Address. And you need to change GP if you move because each region has a specific GP.

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