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Succeed occurs in your spare time

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Each worker has three eight-hours per day,eight hours to work, eight hours to rest, and the last eight hours is spare time.
Spare time can make a person different, but it can ruin a person.
It is long and short; boring and interesting.
You have to make good use of the time, and do not put "idle" to "empty".
Time is the most precious resource. It is often the spare time that change the destiny of life. So you should learn to manage your time.
World renowned management consulting firm Gallup had investigated the stories of about 1000 versatile successful celebrities and reached a surprising but very simple conclusion: Their success attributes to they span one more time to do something meaningful every day.
During World War II , U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's energy was very strong. Many people thought that it was because he was resting well, whlie some may think that he was eating nutrition. However, the results of the Gallup survey is : Roosevelt spent an hour a day and locked himself in the house playing stamps.
Will Foley Kang, the world's weaving industry giant became and excellent painter in middle age. He got up one hour earlier to paint till the breakfast. He developed a habit of getting up early by painting and he is particularly healthy because of this habit. Ten years later, hundreds of his paintings were bought by others with a high price and he put all this money to the students who study art by as the scholarships awarded.
Roosevelt and Will Foley Kang are busy, but they are willing to spend an hour a day to regulate themselves, thereby creating a remarkable miracle.
In the late 1970s, a young Japanese opened a small grocery store. In accordance with the custom, the general grocery store closed at 10 o'clock. One night, when he was busy cleaning up the shelves, some people suddenly walked into the store to buy. The young Japanese received them. After saying good-bye to them, the young man stayed in the store for a while and several customers came. Later, the young man changed the shop 's business hours, opening until 11:00 every day. Due to the prolonged openning hour, his shop became the preferred shopping location of the people nearby. A year later, his small grocery store scale became bigger, total turnover reached 200 million yen. He took the opportunity to develop. By 2002, his company's total revenue reached 4.8 billion yen. And this young man's name is Yasuda takao, the well-known businessman in Japan.
Yasuda Takao's successful business just because he opened one more hour than others. It is not difficult to create miracles. The keypoint is whether you are willing to spend more time to work each day.
As long as a man is willing to spend a little more time each day to do something meaningful, regardless of it is work-related, he can get in return as time flies. It do not takes much, just one hour per day.
Someone once said that his job is simple like a pendulum, mechanical repetition. He said that ordinary life made ??him count every day by the sun rises and falls. He lamented the countless days away from his side day by day, while he was still repeating another day and night. In such repetition, he found himself always continue to live in mediocrity.
But after reading this story , he suddenly realized that he can live like this ! Do not need to pursue too much, just make an hour a day to do what you want to do and your life will be different.
And some people waste years of good life. We should know that not every successful person has a key to success. People sitting on top of the life pyramid is not always a genius. People so-called genius also live an ordinary life which they make it different by themselves. Roosevelt and Will Foley's becoming a celebrity, is that they work an hour more than others every day.

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