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The Garbage B2B Websites

ABigBizApr13, 2020News Leave a Reply

Abigbiz concern B2B industry for many years, during which our experts have to personally do the vast majority of B2B experience, as well as use of surveys, some of which B2B websites user experience and service people are worried, even with some B2B sites seriously deceptive.

We are obliged to announce and remind the users.Some time ago in the google search bags and other related products has identified a site (Tradeturkey.com), when I was searching a phrase, in about 15 pages or so found that the location of a web site because web site with free registration tips I have registered a fact, when registration of that page where as if seen, what can not remember, but also gold membership and silver membership points, the buyer is only paying members can see the information, free membership does not give any Buyers line to send information, to publish trade leads, after the release if a buyer sends you the information you want you can upgrade to full membership after watching, I also get a buyer today only pay attention when information was I can only see the contacts inside the buyer information and purchase content, see contact information, I tried to contact the google search and found that only 7 out of information search, and open the link after the discovery of more than , these sites are actually the same content, there is no difference, one of which is go4worldbusiness.com the waste site, on the go4worldbusiness.com I do not say, and used all know the problems that I have said before, there is to make trouble will receive junk mail every day, and I did last year silver membership, due in before I have not reminded me once again to upgrade to the buyer information, through today, I wonder what these sites are not kind of the suspect, why the buyer's contact information can only be seen on these sites? and information is also insist to see the full member? In the information the site I was very real degree of doubt, I now Some refuse to list this site, this article published in the forum after blessing step, immediately get everyone's response and support! want foreign friends who refer to the discussion. Do not let the waste impact of our work platforms and waste our energy!

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