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The strategy for the B2B website keywords SEO

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About keyword strategy of the complexity and than a few areas and b2b e-commerce website search engine Optimization(SEO). lack of agreement terms of reference, b2b brand name to many, buying an obscure owed by individual of multi-side participation, purchase period, the factors which b2b marketing is the unique challenges. for this situation, some tips for free into error.B2b keywords
B2b jargon and vocabulary b2b specific industries have their specialized vocabularies, for operational use of words and terms. in addition, many b2b firm for some things it is an internal jargon. from the angle of b2b search engine, the important words but practical use potential users. the company and industry within the terms or a different. in view of the corporation shall come into contact with potential customers, and exchanges, and the actual words for the site search.The purpose of the searching is to get the solution
B2b potential clients in multiple angles in its search behaviors,the search may be aimed at real problems and requirements (speech privacy, open as the environment of the private key to language problems), on the other hand, the word may also contain the name of potential solution (noise masking the system, the noise to cover up the system. but the broad),  (acoustics office, office acoustic), but limit the scope of the (healthcare acoustic design, may also directly search for solutions provider  noise consultants, the consultant) or corresponding (acoustical industry consulting and acoustic advisory) b2b search engines. the key to understand the potential customers, the need to solve the problem, and their search for solutions which may occur. without consideration of improving the efficient b2b user application ,i searched their respective.Use the brand name or the common name
We are pleased to see his own company and products for each unknown. truth is, to achieve such knowledge and memory, even to the extent required for a lot of time and money in b2b industry. unless you had infiltrated various sectors, everywhere, and has an industry leader, or users on the search for solutions will not use google special day for your company name and brand name. they even know the company and products don't want to force myself to remember. In addition, they also need to look at other companies,so don't miss the search engine Optimization in all its trademarks of the potential users, most general word for the effort put in the right place.One product should have many different names
Despite the current search as a key strategy top priority, but in many b2b industry, a single product or specific issues are not a common usage of the general name. for example, this article, it should be named b2b marketing (b2b search engine and marketing) b2b named optimization (b2b search seo (optimize),b2b b2b search engine Optimization), b - to - b named marketing (b2b search engine and marketing), or other combined type? each combination search results is different. a combination of endless, the keywords b2b strategy also extremely complex. it should be focused on what the word?B2b research your keywords is the key words amount of accumulated results. only in a general term used to key words of the diversity, can find the value of the key words. effective b2b search and study. we must fully understand the relevant industries, and has a capacious mind. good collaboration and can’t miss each other.
  The same customer search for more timesB2b for a period up to months or even years. many other purchases, b2b for periodic review and stages. each phase will be the same number of search for the purpose of the same. The first stage of research. b2b buyers for the cooperative, and choose and to determine which can meet demand. the product or service involved in the search for words search, a provider's list of candidates. the cycle into buying the stage, the buyer attention from the study of potential suppliers to research products and services related problems, such as performance, efficiency, maintenance,  effect design, the relevant reports. The search for a new word, but found a new site to replace the existing suppliers. the stage late, set before buying the search for specific needs and influence factors are familiar to the purchase of the decision. then make the final round of search to confirm the direction of the buyer, this process will also be used to other searches.B2b search engines to optimize the process, potential clients in buying cycle period by any words search very important. if this understanding, not only guarantees to a user can be found in a later stage, and the search for the same can be found.
More influence in the end of the purchase
Dipu Aonie says that:” all politics are local politics". this also applies to search. b2b, b2b buy, there is usually a number of individuals to purchase a decision on each individual, and in accordance with their respective roles for their problems in different types of search words. for example, the purchase of fixed equipment and products and solutions to the factory manager for users of the word different. similarly, based on the study of alternatives to the seller, by your search terms to vice president is responsible for approving the search fees. to ensure that consideration of the different influence and its possible use of search words.Other minority keywords shakes the whole programme
B2b search engine Optimization, quantity, though not much has a wide distribution of search words will be able to bring some measure. for some sites, the geographical qualifier is the key. traffic to other web site, and, in search of qualifier to become keywords.For expamle, some people want to find “environmental engineering services” but he may search (environmental engineering) or environmental engineers. But the result for the search maybe “environmental engineering firms” or environmental engineering company. This seemingly simple, but many people ignore. the policy has no good and a modifier and a modifier to add the difference equates to be found to be abandoned. the need to focus such yield the maximum. the search for more general and the high flow, and not a small but the key words, high exchange rate is wrong for energy and money to.

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