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What Guaranteed can B2B give to us

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Since we become for Tradekey agent, we have got an important inquiry from all the customers who are interested in Tradekey,once we become into Tradekey siliverkey or goldkey, how many inquiries we can get each month? More will ask, what guaranteed you can give us?Firstly, I want everyone to know the question, what is Inquiry? In my last article, I did tell what is the inquiry, what is the buy offer, for more information, you can check “B2B members should take a rational view on Buying Info n", since the inquiry is a buyer on his own initiative to the suppliers, then the initiative rest with the buyer, then the xiao fei long would say that you can receive the how many inquiries depends on the buyer, seems this is a simple reason, but most clients still can’t accept.
1. With a same product name, but maybe your products are not meet the the buyer’s need.
2. Many customers set the keywords for their products, which make the products pictures and product descriptions are different. This is most problem what we can see on Tradekey, and mostly are the trading companies have this kind of problem, small dragon observations made in the plant is generally not committed under such a mistake, because the number of keywords Tradekey can fill many, many customers think that as long as we add key words will increase opportunities for products to be searched, again prompted foreign network marketing does not need so much, it would be counter-productive, even if you are the buyer will not search to obtain the inquiry. (Such as you post the product information for a pair of jeans, you did publish product information, pictures and descriptions, but because you set many keywords which are not fit to the jeans product information, even are not related to the apparel industry, I have seen add the sports shoes, brand bags, watch and so many keywords.  If the buyer search the keywords which you set(brand shoes, bags) information, but the result is that which shows the jeans pictures and description ,then can you get the inquiry from this buyer?
3. Hot products and  industry will let you have more competitors, the ranking information for the products also directly affect the inquires which you can get, the high level members’ information will be posted on the front , this is the rule in most of the B2B Websites, since your products are the hot products ,don’ t just think that you become a based member then you can get effect you want. Mr Small dragon wants to tell you that any buyers and inquires on the b2b plat are different, even if it is greater than the number of suppliers buyers quantity, because the buyers find suppliers practices and the way is the same: looking from front to back.
4. Of course beautiful pictures can attractive the buyers’ attention, product descriptions are professional and precise extent of the direct impact of the reason you get inquiry. At last the small dragon wants to say is: Any B2B in accordance with reason is not possible to talk to customers to ensure the number of inquiry, if the B2B will tell you to do such a guarantee, for two reasons:
a. Salesman wants to sign the contract will make a fault promise.b.If the B2B platform can really give you a number of guaranteed inquiries, so that the quality of the inquires on the B2B certainly will not be very good, because this is manual intervention, you and your competitor will also get them in the same time, and B2B salesman also promises other competitor to give them the same inquiries, then how will the quality of this inquiry?
On the effect of the proposed foreign friends should be your so-called "effects" interpreted as an opportunity, pay and access to investment opportunities is to create a way to seize the opportunity even more important.

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