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I believe you all know the importance of samples in order of tracking. We send a sample undoubtedly to get the trust from customers and further cooperation. However, we will see different kinds of customers inquiry about samples including those who really want to make a business and those who just want to have a comparison with the cooperated supplier. And recently, I met the latter one which makes me feel frustrated.Customer A was a small local brand in Sri Lanka who was originally followed by my college and they had talked a lot. Therefore, our boss visited him during a business trip although it failed because of the price. My college decidedly gave up them.It was till this year when I was sending development email, I accidently received his inquiry. No matter what kind of customer he was, every reply means a chance and I was going to follow seriously. The customer asked for sample examination not soon after receiving the quotation and I was extraordinarily cautious that I confirmed the price again and again with him. The response from the customer was no problem.The customer asked us to send the sample in his container from supplier C and offered the information of C to us.When I received the materials, I habitually checked the information and I was shocked. Supplier C was not only our peer but also had the same products as ours. What's more important is that this supplier was famous for the low-end products of low quality at extremely low price and that was exactly the target price of the customer.The customer made an order of the products at different level from C's which means he just wanted the sample for a comparison to know about the discrepancy.Therefore, I tried to get some information from the customer and his assistant. What's gloomy was that I confirmed my speculation from his assistant. One month ago, the customer had already made the order from supplier C of cheap product of low quality. And it was only for a comparison to enquire about sample from us. I just wanted to say, did you play with me?As to this kind of customer, although there can be a possible cooperation, it is difficult for them to transfer from low-end products to high-end products. Therefore, when we get enquiry from customers who are looking for samples and failed cooperation because of price, we should be extremely careful. Otherwise, there is not going to be a harvest even if we spend time and efforts.

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