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What Are You Going to Ask

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Are you a little excited because your handsome customer will be coming? Everything is ready including your makeup and oral English. For every foreign trading salesperson, the face-to-face talk with the customers is a very special opportunity. Compared with chatting on phone, chatting online can help the customers to know the situation and products of the company personally.
The opportunity is here, but how can we make full use of it? What should we say and what should we do when we meet our coustomers? Are your in the mess, let me help you to Organize your thoughts and catch the heart of your coustomers:
1.Hello nice to meet you ,may I have your name card?
It seems we need to ask everyone this question. Actually, as a salesperson, to remember the customer's name is to show respect.
2.Where are you from ?
Asking the customer's country to mainly know about the market situation and make quotation accordingly. You can also praise his country to make you look friendly.
3.Do you have the agent in China?
This is a sentence favored by the experienced foreign traders a lot towards customers. With it, you can know whether the customers purchase frequently in China and know about Chinese market situation a lot. Also, you will know whether you will give price EXW or FOB.
4.Is it your first time to visit China?
FIRST TIME and MANY Times are totally different .
The more times he visits China, the more he knows about the Chinese market. Who knows he may already have many suppliers. When we are giving the quotation, shouldn't we consider about price range to be given?
5.How long will you stay in China this time?
This sentence is a must. The opportunity rate to close a deal with customers in front of you is higher than online. The final  success is to close the deal. Make specific follow-up according to his stay period in China. Try to close the deal before he goes back to his country even if it is a sample. Make sure you send it on his hand before he boards the flight. As long as he is interested in your products and he has the sample in hand, the following process won't be difficult with the order already closed.
6.What is your main business?
How many years are you in this field?
If you can have a further communication with the customers, these two sentences can be directly asked. Since he is willing to have business with you, the further acknowledge of him is acceptable. Some customers may even voluntarily tell you about these to show his experience and profession in this field.
And you can prepare the professional products introducion in advance, practicing sevaral times and deal handling flexibly When you face a customer questions.
Actually, the question is very simple while every question has the ideal answer for the traders. Maybe it can't satisfy all, but it is the reference for some thoughts. Ask yourself more, what is useful for you as a trader. What kind of questions will help to make your quotation more competitive?
Hope everyone of you go smoothly in the fair and win victory in the first battle.

- END -

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