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Tips for Final Fighting in 2016

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It's really a great learning to follow-up and negotiate with customers. Here, I want to mention two words: one is push, another is follow-up. The distinguish between them is the master degrees. An appropriate follow-up will not make customers uncomfortable and embarrassed but will give your customers reason to cooperate. The following case analysis is mainly about the ways of thinking, all of you can cut to the follow-up with customers, but never just answer your customers' questions passively.

1.Hitting point:samplesIf
customers ask you to offer the price list, it means to some extent that they are interested in your products, and the viewing of samples will be followed. This is the case of hitting-point of samples
2.Hitting-point: hot sales products
You can recommend several hot sales products taken as premise to cooperate and attach pictures.

3.Hitting-point: product qualityThere is never any point in empty talk when everyone says that their products are good quality. But it does really matter for you to take something to prove that your products are really good.

4.Hitting-point: emotionDo not ask customers whether they have received your emails or not directly at first, but you can choose a more tactful way to do it. The second paragraph is the highlight. You can flatter your customers first and tell them you are the experienced salesman who can offer some useful advice, meanwhile, you sincerely hope them can tell you why they don't reply to you. Only in this way can you find out the truth step by step without any nonsense. Because customers vary one to another, they may just a little use to use the emotional strategy, but you should have a try.

5.Hitting-point: be "unreasonable"
When you want to make a phone call to your customers, it means that you push them to reply you . If they are unwilling to answer your phone, they must tell you what they are busy in. No matter what, you can get some replies and reasons with emails and make calls, only in this way can you follow up your customers step by step particularly. And it is important to organize your thoughts and add some negotiation skills.In a word, it is impossible to apply one product to all customers. You should subdivide the market. The aim to follow up with customers is to know what they needs. Never complain the price when you cannot negotiate with customers successfully. Actually, every customer has their own needs, and it is normal for you to fail in business. And that's why we need to improve our ability in negotiation, communication and Logic thinking. Fighting!

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