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Analysis Helps You Win Order!

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There are two important skills in foreign trading, to dig and to analyze. To develop a consumer, we should find out relative information of him or her as more as possible and then analyze what you get to sort out the useful information for terminally developing the customer. So, how can we do that?

Digging information

We can find some relative enquiry companies through several foreign searching engines like Google, Yahoo and foreign community website.

Companies with certain scales all set up their own official website for us to basically know their production demand, company structure and market condition. Sometimes we will find out their cooperative companies and our rivals. Then you can do more complete and precise analysis by continuously searching for your competitive firms, which enables you to make more effective response.

Analyze the information

1.Recognize identity through information analysis

In foreign trading, we may receive enquiries from big or small customers who can be classified into factory, middle man, tradesman and terminal marketing, etc. They have different benefit point for the products, so we should make corresponding quotations in response.

Otherwise, inquirers with different figures should be replied distinctively. If they are managers or those at higher post, we should provide them more details for existing and potential questions. For most of them are too busy to spare their time to read the emails, we should offer whole information in one response so that we will leave a nice impression and get their older easily.

2.Know buyer's demand through information analysis

Many new salespeople will make a rushed response immediately after they excitedly get an enquiry. Some of them even can't respond entirely and ask the customers for the mentioned content. When the customers receive a mail like this, firstly, you are recognized as an unprofessional person and then you are out.

We should carefully check consumers' questions and research their intention and interests. They often ask for some information about price, MOQ, specification of products, sample, OEM/ODM, required certificates, company qualification, terms of payment, logistics and so on. We can prepare responses in various versions for rapid reaction to the same question later.

3.Know about the location through information analysis

In the market of foreign trading, prices and production requirement vary from region to region. Companies in European, American and southeastern countries have high requirement on the quality of products. It's not viable to bargain with them because they believe that the products with low price are of low quality. However, companies in Middle Eastern countries and African with low consumption level may require less on products quality. But some people living at these regions are rich men, so we should know their condition clearly before offering.

After mining and analyzing information of your consumers, you can make a more specific response to the enquiry which is bound to meet more satisfaction.

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