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How to Get Through High Storage Charges

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Some Fulfillment by Amazon sellers stock up too much in peak season lead to Amazon storage overburden. Though Amazon have prepared a series of solutions, still cannot avoid this and direct result of high storage charges.
However, not all of products are affected in peak season. Inventory Report will calculate and show all charges for people to analyze the influence of high storage charge.
Don't worry if it truly happened. Here are some solutions for you:
1.Reduce price or sales promotions
Obviously, this solution is specific to slow products. Cutting prices not only clear inventories but also avoid high prices.
And clear inventories with costs is not a great deal, pay attention to Amazon systems messages so that you won't miss clear inventories for free.
2.Use Amazon paid software
No doubt that Sponsored Products is the best choice to solve product inventory problem by drainage. It takes advantage of auction to decide sequence of showing Ad and bidding and sales promotion also available in this software.
3.Take precautions, and be calculating 
The best method is estimate sales volume accurately in the beginning if you don't want your products always in storage. Of course, oversea sellers no need to worry about it. Focus on quantity of shipment and make sure they will be bought for some time.
Meanwhile, shipping time is also important. Amazon charge storage fees at Feb. 15th and Aug. 15th , so sellers should arrange shipping date properly according to charge date.
Some of you may wondering how to deal with the inventories which stay in storage for long long time and charging day is coming.
1.Many sellers choose to ship them back, shipping costs may very high but similarly, storage charge is also very high.
2.You can choose destruction of the stock for free when low value and quantity of products.
When you selling products on more than two websites, you can transport products to other storages. It is an acceptable situation because products are still selling and it can also alleviate the pressure of warehouse.
Sending inventories which value is not high to old customers also is a smart idea to clear inventory and keep a good relationship with customers.
But indeed, this solution is a matter of opinion.

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