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Follow Up Customers After Fair

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Normally, international trade companies attend many exhibitions and meet lots of customers and buyers every year, especially in Canton Fair. Depending on customers' interests and demands, I classified all customers into four types: opportunity, interested, asking and passerby. Now I would like to share my experience about how to follow customers pointedly.
1.Intentional Customer:
This kind of customers have already decided to purchase specific products, only considering standard, quantity and supplier.Aiming at these customers' orders, we need to focus on details, which means to provide enough information for attracting customers to consider products' standard or something more specific instead of asking customers to choose your products like a knocker. You should convey information which show superiority about your products. They will understand products’ price when they affirm the value about your products. Information and details structure a network about products, which attracts customers. During providing details, we also realize what their needs and also will be familiar with each other. When customers start to communicate a lot with you, giving you lots of information and showing you the specific factors they pay attention to, it's hard and tedious to repeat again to others suppliers. So it goes without saying that gaining customers' trust is the most important factor to persuade you customers to place order directly.  As it can be seen that such kind of customers are just in a small group, just accounting for 10%-20%. But they deserve our times because our orders mostly are from these customers.

2.Interested customer:
Customers are very interested in your products, but still not decide to place orders or not. So what calls for special attention is to"push" them make up their mind rather than emphasis collaboration because the key is "decision", after then, they will consider the partner only after they decide to purchase.A.Market researching
Customers are not familiar with market and considering about the selling, so they retain wait and see. At this time, you be patient,confident and help customers to build up confidence, guiding them some strategic methods to sell your products, which can encourage them to place orders from you.B.Be unwilling to give up the present suppliers
As is often the case, the important point lies in to find weakness in present supplier. Let customers find out a thing: a right supplier is critical. Similarly, we should pay attention to our advantages and others' weaknesses. Do not attack, telling the weakness about your competitors directly. It will opposite of your wish, customers don’t like it. Many customers worry about an unfavorable position during process of negotiation. You should catch competitors’ disadvantaged instead of competitors themselves. Some customers know their suppliers’ problems but they are unwilling to tell, so it need you to dig in.

3.Asking information:
Get some information by asking. They are not familiar with products, some even just chatting.Some salesmen think inquiry means customers want to purchase products. To be frank, quite a few buyers just ask a price for comparison, they even don't consider cooperation, purchase or selling. Confronted with these customers, we can attract them by provide products’ information, analyze selling points and opportunity in market, draw them to interested in your products and finally purchase.

"Passerby" customers mean they do not belong to same industries or have any distribution channels. They just make a few casual remarks, exchange business cards, some come for promoting their products. There is no need to spend time to follow or focus on them, even you can ignore them directly.Classify your customers and use different tactics to follow different "type" of customers after Exhibitions. When you prove your profession and in time service, you will "catch" customers and seize the opportunity to get a purchasing order. Good luck and fighting! 

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