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Why Are You Lost in Work?

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"Why some people are getting closer to their target while others are losing money after years of life. What's worse is that several years of working experience are nothing to many HR and bosses...

"Maybe here are the problems:

1.Your English language level is normal and because of the lack of language environment, the oral English is not good. And maybe because of busy job, there is no time to upgrade the learning so you give up.2.You always believe that you are already very familiar very foreign trade procedures and there is already a lot of information on the Internet even if you don't know much. What's more, you can ask any questions on the online trading forum for emergency.
3.About information of the industry or the products, you would like to know some but not much to become professional. When there are some questions from the customer, you will just ask others and therefore, learning a lot is not useful in your mind.
4.Also ask yourself, how is your behaviors and human resource and what is your position in the industry after years of working? Do you have friends who are boss or forwarder that will put you in the first place even in the peak season? Do you have mature customers group?If the above points have already in your mind and you are busy with orders now, congratulations! Just follow your steps and go ahead.
If you got empty hand and the future is hopeless, make the suggestions clear in your mind and you need to think about your plan in the field of foreign trading.Here are some suggestions for those who bear the ideas above in mind.
1.Even though there are many translation APPs on the cell phone, we can't give up promoting ourselves in English learning. Because, they are not yours even you do well with the APP. When they leave you, you will have many difficulties.
2.It is not difficult to know that in any era and any condition, those who master perfect basic skills live a good life; therefore, we should learn diligently and accumulate continuously.
3.Every company has technicians and engineers, therefore, you can ask them for help. However, if you repeat the same question again and again without seriously finishing reading the products information, any one will become annoyed. Actually, if we can remember the answer in mind at once and be diligent, we don't have to ask again. If you keep on asking the same question, some engineers of bad-temple may ignore you and you might complaint to the boss,arousing the dispute in two apartments. While if you are not the top seller, you will be failed.4.When working in an industry, enjoy it. Now that you have chosen foreign trading after consideration, just try to know more about it. The internet is powerful which you should take advantage of it and learn as much as you can. Actually, these are all the capital for you and the future foundation stone in this industry of business.I don't know whether I have helped anyone to wake up from the gloomy dream. There is a saying goes that after the teacher leading you to the class, it is all up to you from now on. My friends, we need to make efforts ourselves!

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