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Funny thing of Foreign trade

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One of my classmate, recently came to Guangzhou and we stay together chatting with her about the job. She told me a story which give me deep impression.Company A and B are two of the big trading companies in Shenzhen.In 2005, the export volume of digital cameras is gradually increasing.

Company A and Company B are both Alibaba GOLDEN SUPPLIER, so they put their digital cameras product on the Internet. Company A in particular, has a good supply of digital cameras and sells well. While company B resources in this area is relatively poor but will occasionally receive a few orders.

One day, Company A received a inquiry form Brazilian company on AliBaba for 200,000 pcs of digital camera, total price about USD20, 000,000. The sales in Company A are experienced sales and they judged it as a spam inquiry.(because even their boss had not yet received such big order.) Politely, Company A salesman replied this inquiry by asking some normal question which is not related to the business like " what's your mother's name", " How old are you ". The customer was very depressed, but still answer his questions one by one and asked about the price of the product. The salesman of Company The customer's care about the price had more made the salesman believed that he is the liar who wanted to pry the price. So after a few reply by the email, the salesman totally ignored the customer.Some days later, Company B also received a similar inquiry with the same huge amount ( $ 20 million ).

Company B salesman thought he was free enough, so he reply the customer's question one by one.  After several email contact, the salesman of Company B surprised to find that the customer was not like a liar but he was still in doubt of such a big quantity order. Untill one day, the customer asked him to provide the company bank details for deposit and the salesman was still very confused. Fortunately came so suddenly ! The customer really place the 200,000 pcs digital camera order.Later, the salesman, purchase officer of Company B had purchased a car or a house but the salesman of Company B was scolded by his boss many times.My classmate is one of the member of Company B.I am the freshman of foreign trade, so i can not help asking more experience from my classmate.My classmates said that after communicated with different salesmen in different market, she made a conclusion of the successful negotiation skills which can separate in three grades, primary, junior and senior level, as follows :Primary: It will be better to have no requirements of the orders.Junior: It is no problem that you have requirements but no requirement is a problem.Senior: Whatever requirement you mention, you have to follow mine.To explain it simply,When a primary salesman meet a customer, he will wish the customer requires as less as possible including the requirement of products and packing etc.

It is the common situation that most primary salesman meet.When a junior salesman meets such kind of problem, he will be very calm and write down all the requirement that the customer mentioned including the products, the package or the payment terms etc. and check with the customer. And the customers are willing to answer your questions. And the salesman will check each requirement one by one carefully to see which can do and which one can not and analyze to the customer patiently. And he has a full understanding of the products and can provide some creative idea to the customer according to the products performance.Finally, when you reach the senior salesman standard, you will have your own set model of doing business and you will be very familar with the product in your business field and can make a related suggustion of the transportation package in accordance with the requirements. And you will be able to make your customer fully accept the requirements of the product and build a long-term cooperation with him.After heard from my classmate, i believe that we will finally gain the return and succeed if we can work hard with persistance.

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