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HongKong Fair VS Canton Fair

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Autumn is a harvest season because the seeds we sow in spring will be ripe and we will reap them. But for the foreign trade businessmen, it is just another key time to sow the seeds. When all of you are busy in Canton Fair, the HK Electronics Fair has ended. Today, I am going to make a contrast between the Canton Fair and HK Electronics Fair, hoping can give you some enlightenment from the fair.As the biggest electronics fair in the world and the international electronics fair, HK Electronics Fair (the autumn HK electronics fair) attracts exhibitors from home and abroad, covering audio-visual products, multimedia, digital image, household appliances, communications, electronic components and so on, which is regarded as one of the biggest and the most influential fairs in the world. HK is regarded as one of the freest economies in the world. Because of its lower tax system, it offers an effective foreign trade environment for the sponsors and the exhibitors, becoming a popular gathering for the international enterprises.
Exhibition range and ratio
There are more choices in Canton Fair than in HK Fair. But it is also common to come across the high repeated rate and the severe copying. Besides, you can find the hot products in different booths. What's worse, you will find that there are different prices for the same products, which will cause the bad competition among the competitors.Be different from the Canton Fair, HK electronics fair is featured as the electronic products, including household appliances, communications, electronic components, digital image and so on. And the products inside the venue mainly focus on the AV-communication and digital products. What the most striking part is the most advanced high-tech products, such as wearable devices, VR, 3D printing, robots and the unnamed technologies. Besides, the common machine, such as household appliances and other small household appliances that can be seen everywhere in Canton Fair are seldom showed in HK fair.
Customer resource and quality
We all know that the flow in Canton Fair is very large with wider customer group, which means that to the companies in global trade, opportunities are easy to be found. However, although there are a large number of customers, the quality of customers varied from one to another.As an international fair and main purchasing center- HK fair. The HK electronics fair is so attractive to buyers and manufacturers from home and abroad with great influence. But there is no doubt that the flow of HK fair is not as big as the flow of canton fair and most of the customers are from European. Besides, Indian buyers are not seen everywhere as in canton fair. What's more, buyers from HK fair are in higher lever than those from canton fair. They have specific needs when purchasing, and they have stricter demands on quality than money. They can accept the products in higher price and level.
Sample "fighting" event
The most interesting and busiest in HK fair is Indian friends' rushing for samples at the end of exhibition. These Indian friends are not the real buyers but the ordinary people who want to buy products in a low price and samples are their target. This has become a kind of "culture" in fair and also it happens in Canton fair, but they are more passionate and zealous at HK fair.It's generally recognized the difference between Canton fair and HK fair, which depends on market and customer's needs. And HK fair can be said with certainty that professional and high-level aim at European and American customers. (But) as far as customers who are from developing countries and looking for lower price products, it is no doubt that Canton fair is a better choice. But nothing is more important than market direction because no matter which exhibition you take part in, accurate marketing orientation makes your company successful with less efforts.On the other hand, different exhibitions bring many kinds of customers with various culture and marketing information, which improves our thinking and viewing. That is also a special meaning for foreign trade workers.

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