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B2B Marketing: The way for the Industry B2B to attract the Buyers

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Any B2B websites all want to attract the more industry buyers, fist of all, it must understand the suppliers' products, and need to know who are the main buyers? And what are they use for? Then use the below ways to collect the buyers' information, use the email or other methods to contact with them.You need to know what they need, and know what other suppliers' products, then use the below method to collect the buyer's information, and put their information on your website,but how to do the order, there are many knowleages which we need to learn.
1. Use all the b2b ,b2c websites to find the related buyers.2. Buy some sales marketing software, and set the condition for you to search.3. Through all the exhibition expo, make advertisements, and let more buyers to know your website.4. Though the product industry websites,and collect them in your websites as the buyer.5. Use the industry media , magazine, collect the buyers' information.6. If it is possible , you can open the industry exhibition,attract more buyers..7. By the man's relationship with, every company will have its own customer groups, if you can have a way of knowing anything about twelve, will bring many opportunities for site.8. In line with the sweep of the street "accumulated purchasing trader9. Use the software to send the mails to all kinds of buyers,increase your website’s brand.10. Buy search keywords, a fixed set to attract buyers,this is the most effective way 11. Focus on customer demand changes to the latest market trend, data, the adjustment made in strategic12. On the outdoor advertising, television advertising, network advertising, newspaper advertisements in more ways.13. The price and the quality are both good in one website,then you should do the better SEO project,then use some time to do this, the buyers will use the google search engineer to search your website.14. The special wholesale market for the products.These collect the method is not the only, and i can think of you may use can also be used in effect, the better. i hope you have better method can be shared. after going to collect the mail was marketing and tele marketing, it will look at your service attitude?
  Or the internet portal:the service industry website of the future. it is not technical in the service is to increase the volume.

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